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Employment & Benefits

Employment & Benefits

Employment & Benefits

Human capital is the key to capital gains.

Hardly any industry depends on human resources as much as life sciences companies do. Even for young life science entrepreneurs, employment law is typically one of the first legal topics companies are confronted with – be it in the form of proper confidentiality language, provisions relating to know-how-protection, or legal mechanisms to avoid brain drain, such as retention provisions or complex vesting rules. At the same time, for life science companies, mastering human resources is much more likely to involve corporate and IP/IT law topics than in other industries.

We have particular expertise advising biotech companies on employment law issues – be it with regard to day-to-day matters, but also when it comes to M&A-transactions and other specific scenarios. We know the market standard conditions in your industry, for example with regard to employment participation schemes, variable remuneration and severances. In addition, we have a special focus on contractual and post-contractual non-compete agreements.

Our employment & benefits capabilities for life sciences clients include:

  • employment contracts and board member service agreements

  • participation programs, variable remuneration and pension scheme

  • retention arrangements

  • non-compete agreements

  • termination cases and settlements

  • co-determination rights of unions and works council

  • employment law disputes

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