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Disputes & Litigation

Disputes & Litigation

Disputes & Litigation

Litigation solves everything.

As life sciences companies grow, they get involved in business disputes, often when they least expect it. Litigation can come in a variety of forms - starting with disputes between individual shareholders or groups thereof.

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Other typical fields of litigation include employment-related disputes, contractual disputes arising from licensing, co-promotion, manufacturing, distribution and supply agreements, ownership disputes over IP rights, know-how and employee inventions, high-stakes patent litigation, product liability claims, regulatory and public law matters, and crime, fraud and investigatory work.

We represent life sciences clients in all types of business law disputes – in and out of court, in arbitration proceedings and mediations, on the plaintiff and on the defendant side. Our trial advocates work hand-in-hand with our intellectual property, employment, corporate, and compliance experts to make sure the right team attends your case.

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