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IT & Digital Health

IT & Digital Health

IT & Digital Health

Today's science is tomorrow's technology.

eHealth, telemedicine, wearables, med apps, health IT, big data, genomics: Digital health technologies widen the scope for better healthcare. They transform the ways in which patients, physicians, providers and payors interact, they empower patients to take control over their own health and wellness – and they do so while reducing overall costs.

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At the same time, these technologies and business models raise new legal issues: Do wellbeing apps classify as medical devices (meaning that the app developer must comply with medical device regulations)? What constitutes ‘health data’, and how can it be processed and stored? Which cyber security rules and standards must healthcare organizations adhere to? How can app developers protect themselves from potentially unlimited product liability?

We regularly advise at the crossroads of the digital and healthcare legal fields. Our attorneys work with healthcare and IT service providers, digital health companies, venture capital firms, and other innovative market players, providing insight and analysis on rapidly evolving legal issues. Our clients shape the digital health industry of tomorrow – and we are here to help them navigate the new and uncharted waters.

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